Facilities & Capabilities

Disclaimer: This webpage is currently under construction and will be continually updated over the next few weeks.

Advanced Materials and Structural Systems

  • Advanced Materials Synthesis & Processing
    • Composite& Polymers Laboratory
    • Advanced Metallic Fabrication
  • Durability, Damage Tolerance, and Reliability
    • Materials Reasearch Laboratory
    • Mechanical and Thermal Loading
    • Light Alloy Laboratory
    • Hazardous Testing Facility
  • Structural Mechanics and Concepts
    • ISAAC
    • Large Structures Lab
    • Thermal Structures Lab


Fundamental Aerodynamics Technologies

Applied Aerodynamic Technologies

Acoustics Technologies

Aeroelasticity & Unsteady Dynamics

Aerothermodynamic Technologies

Hypersonic Air Breathing Propulsion Technologies

Intelligent Flight Systems

Guidance/Control & Flight Dynamics

Reliable Digital Systems

    • Systems & Airframe Failure Emulation Testing and Integration (SAFETI) Laboratory

       Crew Systems & Operations

    • Air Traffic Operations Lab (ATOL)
    • Visual Imaging Simulator for Transport Aircraft Systems (VISTAS)
    • Operator Characterization & Performance Investigations Lab (OCAPI)


Measurement Systems

Electromagnetic & Sensors Research

    • Low Frequency Tapered Chamber
    • Pilot Chamber Range
    • Experimental Test Range
    • Mini Range
    • High Intensity Radiated (HIRF) Laboratory