4 Foot Supersonic Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel (UPWT)

The versatile 4-Foot Supersonic Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel (UPWT) boasts a robust set of measurement tools and testing techniques for an enhanced understanding of complex fluid dynamics, as well as applied aerodynamics research. This heavily used supersonic wind tunnel is synergistically matched with other Langley facilities to provide comprehensive testing capability across the speed range from subsonic to hypersonic conditions for developing, assessing, and optimizing advanced aerospace vehicle concepts.

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The UPWT has advanced testing capabilities, with an upgraded control system that integrates unique testing options to reduce cycle times. Research customers can gain a unique understanding of their data using the state-of-the-art Virtu

al Diagnostics Interface Technique (ViDI), a data visualization package designed to display scalar, planar, and three-dimensional data in an interactive, three-dimensional virtual environment in real time.

The existing data measurement processes provide credible methods of quantifying data quality through statistical quality control. Proposed future upgrades are designed to assure continued capability enhancement. This facility has contributed significantly to major NASA programs such as the Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV), Crew Launch Vehicle (CLV), Hyper-X (X-43) and X-43C, DARPA, DoD, and other industry partners, who have also used the UPWT in support of their advanced research efforts.