0.3 Meter Transonic Cryogenic Tunnel (0.3M TCT)

Reynolds numbers up to 100 million per foot can be attained in the cryogenic mode of operation in the 0.3-Meter Transonic Cryogenic Tunnel (0.3-M TCT). Research testing of two-dimensional airfoil sections and other models has been conducted in this highly adaptable research facility in which the ceiling and floor can be streamlined in order to significantly reduce wall effects on the model.


Featuring a test section with a computer-controlled angle-of-attack and traversing wake survey rake systems, the 0.3-M TCT allows the Mach number, pressure, temperature, and adaptive wall shapes to be automatically controlled. Honeycomb and anti-turbulence screens have been added to the settling chamber for improved flow quality.

An electronically scanned pressure measurement system provides high accuracy for steady-state model and circuit pressures at rates up to 20,000 ports per second. Aerodynamic drag is determined using a wake rake attached to a dedicated pressure scanner. Available facility test techniques include focused Schlieren, infrared transition detection, hot films and wires, and laser velocimetry. Additional developmental test techniques include pressure and temperature sensitive paints that permit investigation of boundary-layer transition or separation locations on the models.

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The 0.3-M TCT facility can also be configured for testing in air. Past customers conducting two-dimensional testing include commercial, university, and NASA sponsored research.