Basic Aerodynamic Research Tunnel (BART)

The Basic Aerodynamic Research Tunnel (BART) provides complementary capability for component and unit-problem testing more suitable for exploratory research, fundamental flow physics research, and basic code development and validation activities. The tunnel is a subsonic, low-turbulence, open-return wind tunnel with a test section 10 feet long and a cross-section dimension of 28-inch high and 40-inch wide. The test section consists of two 5-foot cells, with large Plexiglas windows that provide access for flow visualization studies. The model angle of attack and data acquisition is remotely controlled using LabView TM software. The maximum velocity in the test section is 185 feet per second (ft/sec), which yields a Re/ft of 1.4 million. Aerodynamic loads were determined by use of a model balance outfitted with internal strain gauges.