Transonic Dynamics Tunnel (TDT)

For more than four decades, the Transonic Dynamics Tunnel (TDT) has provided a unique national testing capability for identifying, understanding, and developing solutions for complex aeroelastic and non-aeroelastic phenomena. With a rich history of significant design contributions for a number of commercial transports, launch vehicles, military aircraft, and spacecraft, the TDT is dedicated to providing accurate research data and experimental validation.


One of the distinct advantages of the TDT, particularly for aeroelastic models, is the ability to use a heavy-gas test medium to achieve higher densities compared to testing in air. Higher Reynolds numbers, improved model to full-scale similitude, simplification of scaled model fabrication, reduced tunnel power requirements, and improved safety are just some of the benefits.

The TDT is a unique wind tunnel for testing large aeroelastically-scaled models at transonic speeds, and is a vital tool used by NASA, DoD, aircraft industry, and academic researchers in various collaborative partnerships. A dedicated team of engineers, technicians, and staff are available to support you with your aeroelastic testing needs.

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