14 By 22 Foot Subsonic Tunnel (14 x 22)

One of our most versatile low-speed facilities, the 14- by 22-Foot Subsonic Tunnel (14×22) is an atmospheric, closed-return tunnel that provides the opportunity to test both powered and unpowered models of various fixed- and rotary-wing configurations.  The facility is used to assess aerodynamic performance of civil and military aircraft over a wide range of takeoff, landing, cruise, and high angle-of-attack conditions. It can easily be reconfigured to provide acoustic, tethered free-flight and forced-oscillation testing, motorsports research, aerodynamic material design studies and much more.

14x22 sheet 1As an added advantage, the customer has the ability to select various test-section arrangements, from closed (walls, ceiling and floor) to open (floor-only) environments for maximum versatility. The facility has a system of interchangeable model carts that can be selected based on the particular requirements of each customer.  A dynamic team of engineers and technicians is prepared to support testing for improved understanding of aircraft aerodynamics.  The 14×22 has several model build-up locations in the Model Preparation Area (MPA). A dedicated Rotor Test Cell for rotorcraft model build-up and hover testing is also available in the MPA.

Our clients to date include aircraft manufacturers, defense industry partners, as well as numerous organizations in the Department of Defense (DoD) and other government organizations. Our internal NASA customers have included researchers working space, science, exploration and aeronautics programs in the continuing endeavor to achieve our NASA mission.  Universities have also conducted motorsports and other vehicular tests in the 14×22.  GFTD offers this capability to provide cost effective and technically proficient wind tunnel testing that often exceeds our customer expectations.