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Areas of Expertise


Point of Contact: Steven Bauer, Chief Engineer for Aero Sciences



Source noise, system noise, structural acoustics, and psychoacoustics

CFD of landing gear.

Critical Skills:

• Analytical aeroacoustics

• Experimental aeroacoutics

• Computational aeroacoustics

• Duct/liner acoustics

• System noise prediction

• Flight test

• Non-linear structural response

• Structural acoustics

• Psychoacoustic test/analysis

• Synthesis and simulation


Subsonic/transonic/supersonic aerodynamics, aeroelasticity and controls, fluid physics and modeling, flow control, computational methods, uncertainty

Critical Skills:

CFD of Ares launch vehicle analyzing aerodynamic line loads.

• Unsteady aerodynamics

• Aeroelasticity

• Aeroservoelasticity

• Flow physics

• Flow control

• Turbulence and transition

• Advanced computational algorithms

• Code development

• Aerodynamic design and optimization

• Uncertainty quantification

• Applied aerodynamics


Possible inflatable hypersonic decelerator from the Hypersonics branch.

Physics and chemistry modeling, aerothermodynamics, air breathing propulsion

Critical Skills:

• Physics and chemistry model development

• Numerical methods and code development

• Code application

• Experimental aerothermodynamics

• Experimental air breathing propulsion

• Advanced non-intrusive diagnostics development/integration

• Vehicle configuration development and optimization

Intelligent Flight Systems

Point of Contact: Brenton Weathered, Chief Engineer for Intelligent Flight Systems


Flight Dynamics and Controls 

Flight dynamics, control theory, systems identification, guidance and trajectory optimization, flying qualities

Critical Skills:

Aero and flight dynamics experts solved launch anomalies with Delta II-Heavy launch vehicle carrying ‘Dawn.’

• System identification

• Control theory, design, analysis, and implementation

• Uncertainty in dynamic systems

• Guidance and trajectory optimization

• Flying qualities

• Flight dynamic prediction and analysis

• Aerodynamic measurement and applied fluid mechanics

• Flight testing of sub- and full-scale vehicles

• Flight simulation

Crew Systems and Aviation Operations 

Air traffic operations, flight deck interface, human automation integration, atmospheric hazards and wake turbulence

Critical Skills:

• Aerospace modeling, simulation, and aero performance

• Air traffic operations and concepts

– En Route

– Terminal



Air Traffic Operations Laboratory (ATOL)

• Managing diverse vehicles (UAS/VLJ/GA)

• Flight deck interface technologies

• Human automation, functional allocation/integration

• Human operator performance assessment

• Avionics and flight management system

• Aviation atmospheric hazards and wake hazard character

• Experiment design with and without human test subjects

• System engineering and analysis

• Simulation validation and verification

• Certification methods for emerging technologies and operations

Safety-Critical Avionics Systems

High confidence software-intensive systems

Critical Skills:

• Chemical sensing

• Smart visual awareness

Measurement Sciences

Point of Contact: William Winfree, Chief Engineer for Measurement Sciences


Measurement Sciences

Noninvasive measurement techniques and physics-based models of measurement methodologies

Critical Skills:

Flow visualization

• NDE detection systems

• Structural health monitoring

• NDE modeling

• RF/microwaves (antennas, RCS, radar)

• Laser sensing for wind tunnel atmospherics

• MEMS and nano sensing

• Optical materials and devices

• Chemical sensing

• Smart visual awareness

Structures & Materials

 Point of Contact: Jonathan Ransom, Chief Engineer for Structures and Materials



Impact and landing dynamics

Integrated multifunctional design, damage mechanics, nonlinear mechanics, radiation physics, loads and dynamics

Critical Skills:

• Multifunctional design

• Damage mechanics

• Nonlinear mechanics

• Radiation physics

• Loads and dynamics

• Structures experimental techniques


Lightweight materials, multifunctional materials, computational design, environmental interactions, innovative processing

Critical Skills:

• Light alloys

• High-performance polymers

Computational Materials Design

• Multifunctional materials

• Advanced characterization methods

• Computationally guided materials design

• Extreme materials

• Microstructural analysis

• Materials testing

• Environmental effects modeling

• Near net shape fabrication

• Composites processing

• Facility/chemical safety

Testing Technologies

 Point of Contact: Eric Walker, Chief Engineer for Test Operations Excellence



ERA – Hybrid wing body model with acoustic array and side towers

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